Stewie Is SEVEN Years Old

The Holidays Are Exhausting

Nelson Protects His French Fry

Nelson & The Dancing Christmas Tree

Nelson Was Baxter Boo's Pet Of The Day

Happy Halloween

Officer Nelson Is Ready For Duty

Nelson Does His "Turnabout" Trick

Nelson Wants To Stay In Bed

Rocky's Anniversary

Nelson Loves Opening Presents

Happy Birthday Nelson

Nelson Barking

Nelson Takes A Break

Nelson Just Being Adorable

Blueberry Is TOO CUTE

Rocky Loves Her New Toy

Happy Hatch Day Rocky

Beautiful Blueberry

Nelson Got A Haircut

Blueberry & Stewie Are In LOVE

Nelson Shows His Teeth

Stewie & Blueberry Kissing

Rocky Steals Tortilla Chips

Blueberry Sits On My Finger

Rocky Steals Parakeet Food

Blueberry Preens Her Feathers

Stewie & Blueberry Play On The Cabinets

Blueberry & Stewie Having Fun

Stewie & Blueberry Play With Paper Towels

Nelson Wants A Massage